How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain

Experiencing pain in your lower back can make sleeping very difficult, preventing you from getting enough rest. Without proper amounts of respite and relaxation, every component of your life can become affected. While swallowing handfuls of pain medications can remedy the problem temporarily, discovering new ways to laying down can permanently fix the issue.

The Top 3 Sleeping Positions for People with Lower Back Pain

You don’t have to keep going to sleep with a bad back ache when you know how to lay in your bed properly. Try one of these positions to see if it grants you any relief.

1. Lay flat on your back.

While some people might find this position somewhat uncomfortable, it is one of the best ways to reduce lower back pain during the night. Eventually, you will fall asleep and in the morning, you will wake feeling more rested having laid down using good posture.

2. Put a pillow between your knees.

If laying on your back is too off-putting, then try resting with a pillow put between your legs. This helps to properly align your hips, spine, and pelvis while giving you more options for sleeping. Should you have a small gap between the mattress and your hips while doing this, add another pillow for support.

3. Place a pillow under your abdomen while resting on your belly.

Although some may think that sleeping on your stomach worsens back pain, that simply is not the case if you do it right. By placing a pillow under your belly, you take the pressure off your back during the night. This is especially true for people with degenerative disk disease because doing so can relieve some of the pressure felt between the disks in your spine.

Simple Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep Overall

The kind of mattress you sleep on makes an enormous difference in the quality of sleep you experience each night. Furthermore, the type of pillows you choose can either help or hinder the restfulness of your dreamtime. With any of the positions listed here, you may or may not choose to use a pillow for your head. Additionally, you can simply lie down in the fetal position without the use of pillows to create adequate space between the irritated disks or sore muscles in your lower back. In fact, doing so can prevent you from experiencing any back pain whatsoever.

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