3 Reasons Why Hatha Yoga Works for Back Pain

One thing that you should know about Hatha Yoga is that the instruction style and class content tend to vary quite a lot from teacher to teacher. However, that being said, most Hatha Yoga is very effective in terms of stretching out the back and body. This type of stretching tends to ease or eliminate back pain. Naturally, the reason why back pain is happening will play a role in whether or not Hatha Yoga is able to relieve the discomfort. For example, if you have a back problem related to degenerating discs, Hatha Yoga may help you for a while, but the pain is likely to return because the underlying problem is still there.

Doctors already know that stretching the back is one of the most effective treatments for back pain. Stretching works. Hatha Yoga is all about stretching. Naturally, this makes it a fine choice for most back pain sufferers.

For those who have occasional back pain which isn’t too severe, the fairly gentle stretching featured in most Hatha Yoga routines will probably be beneficial. We recommend speaking to your doctor if you have back problems and wish to try Hatha Yoga. He or she is the best person to get advice from. If you experience back pain sometimes, just from twisting the wrong way or lifting incorrectly, or things like that, then we do think that Hatha Yoga will be great for you.

What Are The Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is about mindful breathing, positive thinking and yoga poses which help the body to develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Most people who do Hatha Yoga find that it balances their mood, helps them to sleep better and tones their bodies. Also, a lot of people love the feeling of spiritual connection that they get while practicing this ancient art.

There is a range of Hatha Yoga poses which may be beneficial, including the Bow Pose, the Bridge pose, Bharadvaja’s Twist and the Cow Pose. The famous Yoga pose, the “downward-facing dog” is also a great choice for easing back pain. If you’re interested in trying these poses and you are new to Hatha Yoga, you should know that most yoga studios and gyms offer free introductory classes. It’s nice to learn from a real instructor. Also, the vibe in these classes is often very serene and positive, so you may enjoy doing Hatha Yoga as a class member. However, you may also learn the poses that we just mentioned by looking for them on YouTube or seeking out instructions online. Most poses aren’t too difficult to do. Holding the poses may take some practice.

How Long Do You Stay In a Yoga Pose?

In general, Hatha Yoga poses are held for longer than poses for other styles of Yoga. With Hatha Yoga, there are a total of twenty-seven poses. Poses require a lot of hold in order to develop the flexibility of those who perform them. For this reason, typical Hatha Yoga poses are held for two to five minutes.

Hatha yoga poses for back pain

Hatha Yoga is fine for people who have back pain sometimes and want to try an alternative treatment. Those with serious back problems should get the ok from their doctors before embracing Hatha Yoga, just to be on the safe side. Hatha Yoga is powerful because it features an interesting blend of exercise, breathing which has a meditative quality and positive thinking. Even if Hatha Yoga doesn’t relieve all of your back pain, it may elevate your mood by giving you access to the endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that come from exercise. These endorphins promote feelings of well-being. They will likely take your mind off of your pain.

Is Hatha Yoga Right For You?

Now that you know more about why Hatha Yoga works for most types of back pain, why not try it today? While learning from a skilled instructor is recommended, there are plenty of Hatha Yoga videos to learn from online. As well, you may buy fitness DVDs which feature expert Hatha Yoga instruction.

People have been practicing Yoga for centuries. It’s deeply soothing and beneficial. Give yourself time to learn the poses. Don’t expect to learn everything right away. If you practice poses that are more difficult for you, you will soon master than. So, why not try Hatha Yoga today?