3 Core strengthening exercises to prevent low back pain

The best core strengthening exercises will add strength to the muscles in your core, such as your back muscles and abs. They will also make pelvic muscles stronger. If you’re dealing with low back pain on a chronic or sporadic basis and you want to alleviate this type of discomfort through exercise, you’re on the right track. Physicians know that the right exercises help low back pain sufferers to feel better, fast.

Today, we’re going to share information about a trio of core-strengthening exercises which are ideal for low back pain sufferers. Try one, two or all of them in order to feel your best. To perform the majority of core strengthening exercises for low back pain, you’ll need a mat or a floor covered in carpeting.

Discover 3 Core Strengthening Exercises Which Help to Prevent Low Back Pain

When you practice these core-strengthening exercises with correct form, you’ll promote proper spine alignment and this is one of the keys to alleviating low back discomfort or preventing it in the future.

1.) Partial Crunches Are Fine Options

When you learn how to do partial crunches and do them regularly, you’ll build a strong core. During the crunch, the muscle known as rectus abdominus will be engaged. Actually, this movement will strengthen back and stomach muscles, so it’s definitely beneficial to back health.

This exercise is known to be very helpful to people who have low back pain problems and it’s a great addition to a daily workout. To perform this exercise, lie down and keep your knees in bent positions. Your feet should be flush with the floor. Then, cross your arms over the chest area. Next, tighten the tummy muscles and bring your shoulder up, off of the mat or carpet. Exhale as you lift your shoulders.

Try not to lead with the elbows or utilize your arms in order to get your shoulders up. Hold for one second and then lower your body down at a slow speed. Do this move ten times. During the partial crunch, take care to keep your tailbone and lower back on the carpet or mat.

2.) Pelvic Tilts Offer Tangible Benefits

A pelvic tilt will strengthen your lower abs. Strong abs are essential for optimal spine alignment. To perform a pelvic tilt, lie down on the exercise mat or carpet and make sure that your knees are in bent positions. Your feet should be parallel and your arms should be at your sides. Then, tighten up the muscles in your lower abdomen. Next, pull your belly and the lower portion of your back towards the mat/carpet, without engaging your leg or butt muscles. Hold the position and count to five slowly. Perform ten “reps” (repetitions).

For maximum benefits, make sure that the movement raises your chest and doesn’t raise your neck or head. The chest should be raised just a little bit. If you rise up too much, your leg muscles will be engaged, rather than your lower abs.

3.) Try Some Flutter Kick Movements

The flutter kick is another core-strengthening exercise which is recommended for lower back pain sufferers. To learn this exercise, lie down on the rug or exercise mat. Make sure that your legs are extended. Your arms should lie along your hips. Your palms should be facing downwards. Then, lift up your legs about half a foot off of the mat/carpet. Press the lower part of your back into the ground. Keep each leg straight as you raise one leg up. Then, switch to the other leg. Do this exercises ten times.

Create a Workout That Prevents Low Back Pain

Now that you know a full workout for preventing low back pain, you’ll be ready to boost core strength at home or at the gym. So, why not try these three core strengthening exercises today?